Punjab Silage Baler Wrapper Machines Subsidy Scheme 2023 Form

punjab silage baler wrapper machines subsidy scheme 2023 form download the application form pdf 2020 and get a subsidy of up to Rs. 5.60 lakh on the purchase of silage baler & wrapper machines (हरे चारे के आचार की गांठे बनाने वाली मशीन), know the complete details of the scheme 2022

Punjab Silage Baler Wrapper Machines Subsidy Scheme 2023

The state government of Punjab has launched a new subsidy scheme for silage baler cum wrapper machine i.e., lump making machine of green fodder / Silage Baler cum Wrapper Machines. The scheme will provide 40% subsidy grant to farmers on purchase of automatic silage balers and wrapper machines. The scheme will be implemented by the Punjab Dairy Development Board.

punjab silage baler wrapper machines subsidy scheme 2023 form

punjab silage baler wrapper machines subsidy scheme 2023 form

Promote dairy farming sector in the state and make it more advanced and profitable. The scheme is an attempt to modernize the production and maintenance of green fodder in the state. According to the state government, this subsidy scheme for green fodder pickle making machine will not only help to increase the area of green fodder, but will also reduce the cultivation of crops like wheat and paddy which will increase the ground water level in the state Will help. Under this scheme, the farmer who buys the silage baler wrapper machine will be able to get subsidy up to Rs 5.60 lakh by the government.

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How to Apply for Punjab Silage Baler Wrapper Machines Subsidy Scheme

Interested farmers who want to purchase silage balers and wrapper machines can contact the district level or state level offices to avail the scheme. The application form for approval of purchase of automatic silage baler and wrapper machine can be downloaded in PDF format from the official website of Punjab Dairy Development Board using the link given below.

Download Punjab Silage Baler Wrapper Machines Subsidy Scheme 2020 Application Form

Purpose Of Punjab Silage Baler Wrapper Machines Subsidy Scheme

This scheme will help in meeting the demand of green fodder throughout the year. The farmers of the state get a surplus of green fodder in a few months, while the reduction in some other months, due to increase in the area of ​​green fodder, the scheme will remove the shortage of green fodder for cattle.

Until now, silage made of green fodder by farmers was not easily transportable or storage-able by traditional methods. However, with these new advanced machines, farmers will be able to wrap and store silage for a longer period of time and can easily move it from one location to another in the form of bundles. The machines wrap and pack silage in bags and tubes that can be easily transported to small, landless farmers, urban dairies and green fodder states.

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Benefits Of Punjab Silage Baler Wrapper Machines Subsidy Scheme

Apart from the 40% subsidy given by the state government for the purchase of machines, there are many other benefits as well.

  • New business opportunity for farmers by selling packaged silage to landless and needy dairy farmers across the country.
  • Easy and efficient process for packing and wrapping sleeves.
  • Easily transportable wrapping and green fodder packing.
  • Packaged fodder can be stored longer, making it easier for farmers to use or sell it at a later time.

3 such companies have been selected by the state government to purchase machines that are in compliance with the prescribed standards and can make bundles of 100 kg and 500 kg.

  • M / s Ujjwala Harvester Corporation
  • Dynamic Machinery and Equipment
  • M / s Bakhshish Industries

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