Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan : Odisha Mukta Yojana

mukhyamantri karma tatpara abhiyan odisha mukta scheme 2023 launch, Mukta Scheme or urban wage employment initiative to provide jobs to youths, check activities, objectives, components for informal sector workers ଓଡିଶା ମୁକତା ଯୋଜନା ମୁଖମନ୍ତ୍ରି କରିସ୍ମା ତପାରା ଅଭିଆନ୍ 2022

Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan

In order to provide employment opportunities to the urban poor, the Government of Odisha has launched Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan. The Government of Odisha had launched an urban wage employment initiative in order to generate employment during the covid-19 lockdown. The government has decided to convert this initiative into a full-fledged scheme called Mukta Yojana. Under this scheme, various projects will give to urban local bodies so that they can earn their livelihood. Activities like stormwater drainage, rainwater harvesting, green cover, increased sanitation, creation of community centres, etc will be taken up under this scheme. This scheme will be funded by the State Government from its own budget.

mukhyamantri karma tatpara abhiyan

mukhyamantri karma tatpara abhiyan

MUKTA Yojana comes under the Rojgar project of the Odisha government yojana which comes along with the 4.5 lacs sustainable job opportunities, which runs to depletes the unemployment rate from the State. Before that schemes, Odisha already operates many schemes under the Rojgar project, which decreases the poor urban people’s layoffs and it is also a step toward the development towards a better life. By implementing this Scheme the government gives the chance to people who want to do work and needs a job.

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Name of Scheme  Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan Yojana-MUKTA Yojana
Beneficiaries Unemployed people of Odisha
Objective Decrease the unemployment rate
Official site Not yet released
Application Date Not yet announced

Urban Wage Employment Initiative

During the covid-19 lockdown, the Government of Odisha launched a temporary initiative order to provide employment to the urban poor. Under this initiative sustainable livelihood opportunities for 4.5 lacs, urban poor families were provided. With the help of this employment initiative, the informal workforce in State’s 114 urban local bodies will help. For this initiative, Rs 100 crore was allocated for labor-intensive projects in the urban local bodies. Now, this temporary employment initiative will be converted into a full-fledged scheme called Mukta Yojana. Under this initiative, more than 6000 projects have been completed with the expenditure of 70 crores and 13 lac person-days were generated. Around 3.5 lacs workers have got the benefit of this initiative out of the 3.5 lac workers 40% were women.

Main Objectives of the Odisha MUKTA Yojana

As per the announcement, the scheme commences the prerequisite which is around 100 crores, and as per the survey around 4.5 lacs urban underprivileged families of Odisha. As the Odisha government has already done about 6k projects and as per the data more than 13 lakhs people already got benefits from these projects, which cost the government around 70 crores.

The scheme is much similar to the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS), and the main objective is as follows:

  • The main objective of this scheme is to generate employment so that the people who are doing work and their earning is low as compare to the market price. It not only creates the job platform for the capable one but also ensures that the people will get a better job.
  • This scheme covers 114 local urban bodies and will get the benefit of this Yojana.
  • The government also targets the employment of women, as per the MUKTA yojana there is a 40% reservation for women employees.
  • Through this scheme, the government turned its focus to women empowerment, the development of the slum areas, and also on how to increase the enhancement of women in the area of employment.
  • Through this Yojana, the government will also chase the empowerment of the Urban informal worker.
  • According to the provision the salary will be credited to the beneficiary account through DBT so that they don’t need to go bank to bank for the collection of the money.
  • Under this scheme, the government also wants to improve the livelihood of the urban impoverished people i.e Labor and informal workers.

Activities Undertaken Under Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan

Mukhymantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan would be the NREGA scheme for urban areas. There are various activities that will undertake under Mukta Yojana. Some of the activities are as follows:-

  • Peripheral Development around water bodies
  • Sanitation
  • Green cover increase
  • Creation of community centres
  • Storm water drainage
  • Rainwater harvesting

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Components Of Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan

The components of Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan are as follows:-

Strengthen Capacity of Community Organisations

The resilience in cities will boost under Mukhymantri Karma tatpara Abhiyan by strengthening the capacity of community organization of the urban poor. Under this scheme, the economic vulnerability will be reduced by creating climate resistance assets.

Building Community Assets

In the form of Parchaya center and mission, Shakti Gruh community center worth more than 150 crores is expected under Mukhyamantri karma tatpara Abhiyan. The ongoing Development Scheme resources will be combined with this scheme in order to provide innovative approaches and technologies. The projects undertaken under Mukhymantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan will contribute to building resilience in communities. Under this scheme, more than 35 lakh man-days per year will be created. The livelihood needs and rights of the urban poor will protect with the help of innovative technology, appropriate implementation approaches, and community reinforcement.

To Develop Playgrounds/public Parks/New Water Bodies

Based on the local requirement and availability of land playgrounds, public parks, and local water bodies are developed. Under Mukhymantri Karma tatpara Abhiyan the urban local poor will be given a task to develop these playgrounds, public parks, and new water bodies so that the projects can be completed on time and on the other hand give employment to unemployed people.

To Repair Storm Water Drain

As you all know that Odisha receives very high rainfall during monsoon. So the work of repairing storm drains should undertake at a regular interval of time in order to prevent a flood. Under this scheme storm, water drains will repair in order to beautify the urban areas.

Construct rainwater harvesting structures

In order to conserve water, rainwater harvesting structures will be constructed. With the help of these rainwater harvesting structures recharge of groundwater resources, natural ponds and reservoirs can also take place.

Benefits And Features of the Scheme

  • Through Mukhymantri karma Tatpara abhiyan employment opportunities will provide to urban poor.
  • During covid-19 lock down the Government of Odisha has launched an initiative to generate employment. This initiative will convert into a full-fledged scheme called Mukhymantri karma Tatpara Abhiyan.
  • Under this scheme, the various project will give to urban local bodies in order to earn their livelihood.
  • Activities like stormwater drainage, rainwater harvesting, green cover, sanitation etc will be taken up under the Scheme.
  • The Odisha Government will fund the scheme through the upcoming budget.
  • With the help of this employment scheme, the informal workforce in the state’s 114 urban local bodies will benefit.
  • Last year’s budget for Mukhymantri karma Tatpara abhiyan was Rs 100 crore.
  • More than 600 projects have been taken up under Mukhymantri karma Tatpara abhiyan with an expenditure of 70 crore.
  • 40% of beneficiaries of this scheme are women.
  • Through Mukhymantri karma Tatpara abhiyan the livelihood vulnerabilities of the urban poor will reduce including migrant laborers and informal workers.
  • Through this scheme involvement and empowerment of women, self-help groups and slum Development associations will increase.
  • Under Mukhymantri karma Tatpara Abhiyan the wage amount of the beneficiary will directly credited into the beneficiary’s account through the direct benefit transfer method.

Inspiration from the Odisha MUKTA Yojana

These employment schemes which are run by the Odisha government work as an inspiration for many states, by seeing the decrement in the unemployment rate in Odisha, the Madhya Pradesh Government also launched Mukhyamantri Yuva Swabhimaan Yojana in 2019 to increase the employment rate and the government sure that maximum people get employed at least for 100 days each year. And even in June 2020, the Chief Minter of Jharkhand also launched the Rojgar Yojana which is called a Mukhyamantri Shramik, the motto is the same to decrease the lay-off rate in their State.

These Rojagar schemes have to be run by all the State government so that people can make their Livelihood better, if their livelihood is good then there shouldn’t be malnutrition children, lack of spreading diseases, then it will be better for the young generation as well, they can focus in their studies without gets worrying about the money cut off because under these scheme government can take care that every people at least work for 100 days.

Eligibility Criteria And Required Documents

  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of Odisha
  • The application must belong to below poverty line criteria
  • Aadhar card
  • Ration card
  • Bank account details
  • Residence certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport size photograph
  • Mobile number

How to apply for the Odisha MUKTA Yojana

As the Odisha government recently launched this scheme, so its official site is not generated yet, after the generation of the site, all the updates regarding the application form will be updated there. And the link to the application form will also appear there. Once the official site is updated, we will update all the information related to it on this page.

The applicant can apply online by visiting the site of Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan, the official link is yet not updated. Before filling the application form candidate must need to register themselves to the official site of the Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan, after the registration applicant can log in by using their Credential ID and password. Applicants must fill in all the required details and upload all the essential documents related to their education, identification proof, and all the other required documents. As this scheme was launched in February 2021, so the candidate has to be patient, soon the government will release the registration form link.

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