Odisha Matsya Pokhari Scheme 2024 Application Form

odisha matsya pokhari scheme 2024 application form PDF download online at fardodisha.gov.in, check subsidy amount for excavation of new ponds under Machha Chasa Pain Nua Pokhari Khola Yojana, complete details here ଓଡ଼ିଶା ମାଟିଆ ପୋଖରୀ ଯୋଜନା 2023

Odisha Matsya Pokhari Scheme 2024

If you are primarily a resident of Odisha then only you can get the benefit of Odisha Matsya Pokhari Yojana. If you are a resident of any other state then you will not get the benefit of this scheme.

The main objective of this scheme is that new ponds should be dug in the state of Odisha and fish should be reared in the ponds which are already dug. Due to which the farmers will also benefit. Those who do fish farming by harvesting rain water, through that water, farmers will also be able to expand their fields and the crop will be good.

Farmers will also get a chance to do their crops well and those who are unemployed will also be able to run their household by doing fisheries. We have informed you that the water that will be collected in the ponds will be sweet water, which will encourage the farmers and along with the good harvest, employment will also increase.

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Objective of Odisha Matsya Pokhari Scheme

  • The program aims for expansion of the freshwater fish production area and during the current year 1630 ha. of new tanks will be excavated for intensive pisciculture with subsidy support under state plan.
  • To create additional water bodies for intensive aquaculture in inland sector throughexcavation of new tanks/ ponds in the State of Odisha.
  • To ensure income generation and employment creation through promotion offreshwater aquaculture

Scheme Outlay, Unit Cost & Subsidy

  • Total outlay under the said programme is Rs.7000.00 lakh
Unit Cost & Subsidy Assistance :

The following tank model / models shall be executed by the beneficiary:-

A. Capital cost

Specification of Tank / Pond Unit Cost (Rs.) Subsidy Assistance (Rs.)
General (40%)
Subsidy Assistance (Rs.)
SC / ST / Women (50%)
New tank of excavated area of 0.20 ha. having 6 Feet depth 1,40,000 56,000 70,000
New tank of excavated area of 0.30 ha. having 6 Feet depth 210,000 84,000 105,000
New tank of excavated area of 0.40 ha. having 6 Feet depth 280,000 112,000 140,000
New tank of excavated area of 0.50 ha. having 6 Feet depth 350000 140000 175000
New tank of excavated area of 0.60 ha. having 6 Feet depth 420,000 168,000 210,000
New tank of excavated area of 0.70 ha. having 6 Feet depth 490,000 196,000 245,000
New tank of excavated area of 0.80 ha. having 6 Feet depth 560,000 224,000 280,000
New tank of excavated area of 0.90 ha. having 6 Feet depth 630000 252,000 315,000
New tank of excavated area of 1.00 ha. having 6 Feet depth 700,000 280,000 350,000

B. Input Cost

Specification of Tank / Pond Unit Cost (Rs.) SJubsidy Assistance (Rs.)
General (40%)
Subsidy Assistance (Rs.)
SC / ST / Women (50%)
Input cost for one crop cycle (seed, feed, fertilizer, medicine etc.) for 1.00 ha. water area (Annexure-I) Rs. 1,50,000 Rs. 60,000 Rs. 75,000
  • 40% subsidy shall be provided to the General category and 50% to SC/ ST/ Woman categories of beneficiaries as per the scheme.
  • The detailed specification of the input cost components are placed at Annexure I.

The total unit cost for 1 ha. tank comes around Rs. 8,50,000. Total subsidy assistance for 1 ha. tank for general category is around Rs. 3,40,000 while total subsidy assistance for SC / ST / women is around Rs. 4,25,000. It is important to note that 40% subsidy shall be provided to the General category and 50% to SC/ ST/ Woman categories of beneficiaries as per Matsya Pokhari Yojana.

Items Quantity / Ha Rate (Rs.) Amount (Rs.)
Lime (Kg) 400 12 4800
Organic manure like Cow dung (Kg.) 10000 0.5 5000
Urea (Kg.) 30 12 360
Super Phosphate (Kg.) 20 12 240
Fish Fingerling (No.) 6000 2 12000
Feed (1: 1.0) (Kg.) 5000 22 110000
Medicine L.S L.S 8000
Labour Expenses L.S 5000
Miscellaneous expenses L.S 4600
Total Rs. 1,50,000

Eligibility Criteria For the Scheme

  • Must be a permanent resident of Odisha and must possess identity and residential proof including Aadhaar Card.
  • The minimum of 0.2 ha. and the maximum of 2.00 ha. excavated area having a minimum water depth of 6 feet shall be considered for subsidy.
  • Must have a bank account in his/ her name in the State of Odisha.
  • Must have requisite land free from all encumbrances (Documentary evidence in support of the land needs to be produced by the beneficiary).
  • If a beneficiary has availed subsidy earlier for excavation of ponds for pisciculture development under different schemes of Government of India and State Government, for less than 2 ha., he/ she shall also be eligible to avail further subsidy under this scheme. However in such cases, the subsidy shall be limited to a maximum of 2 ha.; which will include the area covered earlier.

Odisha Matsya Pokhari Yojana Application Form PDF

The scheme shall be advertised through the Departmental website, newspapers, wall paintings/ posters of the District Fisheries Offices and Block Offices across the State. The interested beneficiaries will apply to the concerned DFO through AFO in the
prescribed application format which can be downloaded through the link – http://www.fardodisha.gov.in/sites/default/files/misc/7.%20Excavation%20of%20New%20Ponds%20under%20Machha%20Chasa%20Pain%20Nua%20Pokhari%20Khola%20Yojana%20%28Matsya%20Pokhari%20Yojana%29.pdf

Odisha Matsya Pokhari Scheme Application Form

Odisha Matsya Pokhari Scheme Application Form

The application must be submitted with a self-contained proposal (SCP) with techno-economical details including the species to be cultured, capital cost and recurring cost involved. The self-contained proposal will also include documentary evidence of availability of requisite land (either own/ registered lease document) free from encroachments and encumbrances, necessary clearance/permission if any required. In case of leased land, the lease period/ agreement must not be less than 7 (seven) years from the date of submission of self-contained proposal and the registered lease document be included in the self-contained proposal. Interested persons shall apply through online/ offline to AFO of the respective block and submit their ID, residential proof, land documents etc.

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Process for Providing Subsidy Under Odisha Matsya Pokhari Scheme

  • Identification of beneficiary shall be made with Aadhaar linking at the time of submission of application. The DFO must ensure the Aadhaar No. of the beneficiaries and the land record to prevent multiple benefits.
  • Preference shall be given to ST/ SC applicants in selection of beneficiaries.
  • On receipt of application from the applicant, the AFO of the block shall visit the site and submit the survey and technical feasibility report, land records and other documents to the DFO within 15 days.
  • The AFO shall take around 5 Geo tagged photographs of the site where the fish pond is proposed for excavation and submit a copy of the pre project photos to the DFO, along with other documents.
  • On receipt of application along with documents from the AFO, the DFO shall convene the District Level Screening Committee (DLSC) meeting under chairmanship of the Collector for approval of the list of eligible beneficiaries.
  • The DFO shall issue a Go-Ahead letter and DPR to the selected beneficiaries to take up excavation work of tanks.
  • The Assistant Fisheries Officer of the concerned block shall visit the site and guide the farmers from time to time at the time of project construction and render technical support during culture period.
  • During construction of the project, the beneficiary shall submit the RI verification report of the land on which the tank is being excavated.
  • Geo tagged photograph of the project shall be taken by AFO along with the beneficiary before excavation, during excavation and after completion of the project.
  • The beneficiary shall inform the AFO about completion of the project.
  • The AFO shall make field visit within 15 days and submit the completion certificate to the DFO along with all photographs.
  • Physical verification shall be conducted by the District Level Committee on completion of the project and recommend for release of subsidy. The District level Committee shall consist of DFO, Addl. FO/ AFO (Hqrs.), AFO of the concerned block and the `representative of Block Level Officer of CDAO. The Committee shall physically verify all the completed projects.
  • The Zonal Deputy Director of Fisheries shall visit at least 30% of the completed cases.
  • 50% subsidy of the eligible subsidy shall be released by the DFO after completion of the excavation as per specification and after verification of the committee.
  • The remaining 50% of the subsidy shall be released to the beneficiary after stocking of fingerlings and on receipt of necessary certificate from the AFO on stocking of fingerlings.
  • The beneficiary shall submit the GST bills/ receipts towards procurements of inputs.
  • The back ended subsidy shall be released directly to the beneficiary account on completion of the project through DBT/ RTGS/ NEFT in the Aadhaar linked Bank Account of the beneficiary.
  • Horticulture activity on the pond embankment shall be encouraged and taken up by the fish farmers at their own cost for additional income.
  • Sign Board must be displayed on the embankment of pond with details of scheme, funding, subsidy, area, name & address of beneficiary, year of implementation etc.

Support from the Odisha Matsya Pokhari Scheme

  • Training of farmers will be organized at Regional/ District/ Block level.
  • The concerned AFO of the block will guide the farmers in field and will give lay out for excavation of new tanks and provide all technical support for pisciculture.
  • Assistance in marketing of fish.

District-Wise Target Under Matsya Pokhari Scheme

District Target (Ha.)
Cuttack 35
Jajpur 35
Jagatsinghpur 55
Kendrapada 80
Puri 120
Khordha 40
Nayagarh 50
Balasore 200
Bhadrak 110
Mayurbhanj 100
Ganjam 50
Gajapati 25
Kandhamal 10
Kalahandi 80
Nuapada 30
Rayagada 40
Koraput 40
Nawarangpur 40
Malkangiri 70
Sambalpur 70
Jharsuguda 25
Bargarh 55
Bolangir 55
Boudh 20
Sonepur 35
Keonjhar 35
Sundargarh 30
Dhenkanal 40
Deogarh 35
Angul 40
Total 1650

Matsya Pokhari Yojana PDF Download Link – http://fardodisha.gov.in/sites/default/files/misc/7.%20Excavation%20of%20New%20Ponds%20Under%20Machha%20Chasa%20Pain%20Nua%20Pokhari%20Khola%20Yojana%20%28Matsya%20Pokhari%20Yojana%29%20Guidelines.PDF

For more details on scheme, visit the official website at http://www.fardodisha.gov.in/?q=node/825

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